Scarab Makes a Difference in Global IPM
29 May, 2017

Since 2005, SCARAB Solutions has worked with the flower industry to increase their profits, lower their use of pesticides, and improve product quality, using SCARAB’s state of the art crop scouting system for precision horticulture.

Time to Zero-In on Zero Residues
26 April, 2016

Real IPM Kenya is putting its money where its mouth is and making its Road Map to Zero Residues a very public affair. Progress reports are published on social media …

Predators to tackle agricultural pests
7 April, 2016

Kenya is helping to lead biological pest control development due to the importance of agricultural exports for the Kenyan economy. BBC has the story of the founding of Dudutech and Real IPM, the two major Kenyan producers of biological control agents …

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