Billy Coulson, Owner,
Nini Farm
25 March, 2016

“It’s given us control. It’s given us real-time information, so we’ve been able to react and it’s given us historical data, so we’ve been able to learn from the past and apply that to the future… and it’s definitely saved us significant amounts of money.”

Enrique León, Production Manager, Naranjo Roses
30 May, 2016

“With our pests and diseases under control, above all powdery, head botrytis, and downy, we were able to increase our exportable stems by 7.5% in the first year.”

Peter Mureithi, Production Manager, Lamorna Limited
4 March, 2008

“The training involved the scouts, and included the supervisors, the sprayers and the farm’s management team.”

Margaret Mwangi, Scout,
Lamorna Limited
2 May, 2016

“We, as a team, we feel that everyone is important in this way of scouting.”

Ruth Vaughan, Production Manager, Nini Farm
26 May, 2016

“… and it makes my life much easier.”

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The first of its kind in the World."

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